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SRK Consulting is an independent, international consulting practice. SRK provides focused advice and solutions to clients, mainly from earth and water resource industries. For mining projects, SRK offers services from exploration through feasibility, mine planning, and production to mine closure.

Formed in 1974, SRK now employs more than 500 professionals internationally in 25 permanent offices on 6 continents.

The Group's independence is ensured by the fact that it is strictly a consultancy organisation, holding no equity in any project, and with ownership primarily by staff. This permits our consultants to provide clients with conflict-free and objective support on crucial issues. This is particularly important for Due Diligence and Feasibility Studies, which form a large part of SRK's business.

Among SRK's 1500 clients are most of the world's major and medium-sized metal and industrial mineral mining houses, exploration companies, banks, petroleum exploration companies, construction firms and government departments.




Polyus gold mining group is the leading gold producer in Russia and the only Russian company among the world’s 10 largest gold producers.

Our major assets are:  

  • in Krasnoyarsk region – giant Olympiada deposit as well as Blagodantoe, Titimukhta, Tyrada, Olenii and Panimba fields.
  • in Irkutsk region – Zapadnoe, Verninskoe, Pervenets, and Chertovo Koryto and Mukodek goldfields as well as some 94 placer deposits.
  • in Magadan region – giant Natalka deposit and smaller Degdekan field.
  • in Amur region – Bamskoe gold field.

By the end of 2004 the group’s reserves were estimated at 587.79 tones (18.9 mln oz). All reserves  are being proved accordingly with an international audit standards.

Group’s production in 2004 totaled 33.8 tones (1.1 mln oz). In 2005 we plan to produce up to 34 tones, as well as to go ahead with the vast exploration and development program.

Polyus group is an innovative company that relies on technology to boost competitive advantages. We implement the best standards of corporate governance to position Polyus as an attractive investment.

Producing a ton of gold creates 1000 jobs. It puts special responsibility on Polyus as the company that facilitates sustainable development of the gold producing regions. The company abides by the principles of absolute financial transparency, fully pays its dues and taxes both to federal and regional governments, and supports sports, education and culture.




This year IFC METROPOL has celebrated its 10th anniversary. During these years a small team of stock market experts has grown into a group of companies that operate in various areas.

The METROPOL Group of Companies has interests in both financial and industrial spheres. The business spans equity broking, asset management, investment banking, banking and investments, representing a mechanism that has been developed for years. The company combines Western management standards and an innovative Russian approach towards tasks and challenges.




Baker & McKenzie provides sophisticated legal advice and services to the world’s most dynamic global enterprises, and has done so for more than 50 years.

Active in the USSR and the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) for over 40 years, our Moscow office was opened in 1989, followed by the opening of our St. Petersburg and Kyiv offices in 1992, Almaty in 1995 and Baku in 1998. We now have one of the largest practices in the CIS, offering expertise (in close co-operation with our offices worldwide) on all aspects of investment in the region including: banking and finance, commercial law, employment, intellectual property, litigation and dispute resolution, M&A, securities and private equity, real estate, tax, energy and infrastructure, IT/telecoms and pharmaceuticals.


Deloitte is one of the leading professional services firms operating in the CIS, providing audit, tax, consulting, and financial advisory services through nearly 1600 people in 13 offices across 9 countries of the region. Known as an employer of choice for innovative human resources programs, it is dedicated to helping its clients and its people excel.

Our goals are to build the premier professional services firm in the CIS, provide a full range of services to our international clients, and develop a dynamic practice to serve national clients. We are one of the largest international practices in the CIS, where local and expatriate professionals work closely together as mixed teams, ensuring the right balance of skills and providing premium client service.

The CIS is evolving rapidly and this dictates that we cannot be bound by traditional approaches. We are constantly tailoring our services to fit this unique market and to match the needs of our clients, often being called upon to develop new solutions to current issues. Our success can be measured in the response of the market, making us the fastest-growing professional services firm in the CIS.


White & Case advises clients on some of the most significant mining and metals projects in Russia and the CIS. We have extensive experience advising on the development and financing of mining projects, as well as mergers and acquisitions in the mining and metals sector.

Our understanding of the key economic drivers and risks affecting our clients’ businesses, and our familiarity with the financing and investment structures commonly used in the mining and metals industry, enable us to execute transactions quickly and efficiently.

We act for a broad range of clients in the sector, including exploration and development companies, mine operators, smelter and refinery operators, steel manufacturers, mining technology suppliers, sovereigns and state-owned companies, commercial banks, export credit agencies, multilateral institutions and underwriters.

We have extensive experience in the development, implementation and financing of a wide range of mining and metals projects in Russia and other CIS countries, including gold, copper, aluminum, iron, diamond and coal projects.

Our global network of 38 offices enables us to provide local expertise in many of the financial centers and other jurisdictions that are important to the global mining and metals industry.




Incorporated in 1993, Kinross has grown from a junior gold producer to become the seventh largest primary gold producer in the world with approximately 1.6 million ounces of annual gold equivalent production. Kinross has varying interests in 11 operating mines on four continents and a robust pipeline of advanced exploration and development projects. Approximately 50% of our production is in the US and over three-quarters in North America. This largely North American presence provides Kinross with a stable base for our global portfolio of mines. Since completion of the merger with TVX and Echo Bay on January 31, 2003, which vaulted the company into the ranks of the senior producers, Kinross has successfully increased its reserve base from 13.2 million ounces at the end of 2002 to 19.4 at the end of 2004 through exploration and acquisitions.

Kinross management is dedicated to being world class. This statement applies to all business units within the Kinross portfolio. We have a commitment to our shareholders to keep the growth momentum going while taking into account market conditions and, more importantly, shareholder value. Kinross’ strategy involves organic growth in and around existing assets and the advancement of projects from our pipeline into operating mines. Adding to the project pipeline through accretive transactions to replace projects moving into the operational phase will keep and maintain the flow of additions to reserve life. Kinross’ mandate has been set and we are dedicated to realizing our potential.


Established in 2000 and listed on the London Stock Exchange's Alternative Investment Market (AIM) in November 2003, Trans-Siberian Gold plc (TSG) is a UK-based resources company with the objective of acquiring and developing a portfolio of quality gold mining assets in Russia.

The key elements of the Company are summarised as follows:

  • TSG controls two significant gold projects in Russia, at Asacha/Rodnikova in the Kamchatka peninsula in far east Russia and at Veduga in Krasnoyarsk Krai in Siberia.
  • The Group's properties contain approximately 3.7 million ounces of gold in resources calculated to JORC standards.
  • Through its subsidiaries, TSG owns exploration licences covering significant areas around existing project sites, as well as new fields. It considers these licences to be prospective, presenting good opportunity for further discoveries.
  • The Group's aggregate gold production is expected to be c. 100,000 oz pa in 2007 rising to 225,000 - 250,000 oz by 2009.

TSG has concentrated its efforts on bringing the Asacha deposit into production. A feasibility study by the South African engineering firm MDM and incorporating input on geology and mining from AMC Consultants and on infrastructure from the Russian design institute, VNIPIPromtechnologi, was completed in March 2004 and established the economic viability of the project. Gold resources established by AMC to JORC standards were 961,000 tonnes with average grades of 21.3 g/t for gold and 45.1 g/t for silver containing 659,000 oz of gold and 1.4 million oz of silver.


The JSC (Joint Stock Company) "NBLgold" specializes in research and design works in the field of mining and processing of precious metals resources, gems and diamonds. NBLgold has all the appropriate licenses from the Russian Ministry of Construction and from the Russian Federal Mining and Industrial Inspection to design mines, processing and metallurgical plants and tailing dumps in Russia, other CIS States and abroad. NBLgold also operates contractually as the design department of GINALMAZZOLOTO (State Design & Research Institute on Precious Metals & Diamonds). In addition, NBLgold has contracts and agreements in collaboration with a number of well-known design and research institutions and large financial companies.

Below is a list of just some of the current operations constructed with the participation of specialists currently working for NBLgold: Muruntau (gold, Uzbekistan), Mirny (diamonds, Yakutia), Makmal & Dzherui (gold-silver, Kyrgyzstan), Olimpiada (gold-silver, Krasnojarsk region), Kastelianos (gold - base metals, Cuba), Nge-Tin (tin, gold, Vietnam), Kalana (gold, Mali), Mnogovershinny (gold-silver, Khabarovsk region, Russia), Pokrovskiy Mine (Amur region, Russia), Prioksky Refinery (Rjazan' region, Russia), Kolymsky Refinery (Magadan region, Russia).


Yugra Resources is a UK-based precious and base metal exploration and mining company conducting operations in the Pre-Polar Urals district of Beriozov, which is located in the North-West of the Khanty-Mansisk Autonomous Region, two hours flight from Moscow. Even though the mineral resource wealth of the Southern and Central Urals (gold, platinum, copper, etc) is known to continue North along the Ural mountains, the pre-polar Urals have been ignored to date due to the lack of infrastructure and communications and the previous abundance of resources in the South.

To assist in the development of mineral resources in the pre-polar Urals, the Federal and regional governments of the pre-polar Urals recently signed into law a program to build a new infrastructure of roads and railways to link up with existing communications networks in the Central and Northern (Polar) Urals.

Yugra operates in this region through its 100% Russian subsidiary, REP “Beriozovskoe. Our subsidiary was formed in 1997 by the Khanty-Mansisk government and, until its privatization and purchase by Yugra in 2004, it carried detailed prospecting for mineral resource along the pre-polar Urals on behalf of the government. Its current Chairman, Mr. Karasiov, is the deputy-governor and Minister of Natural Resources of Khanty-Mansisk Autonomous Region.

Yugra Resources owns one of the most developed all-year exploration and mining operations in the pre-polar Urals including its own drilling rigs, supply chains and a certified fire assay laboratory in Inta. With over 250 highly professional staff and an extensive infrastructure, Yugra is well-positioned to take advantage of the many mineral resource development opportunities in this previously-ignored but now emerging minerals region.

The company is currently developing several gold projects in the Khalmeriu area of Beriozov, where there is a history of alluvial gold mining. It obtained its first Khalmeriu area mining license in 2005 (Telaiz/Sosnovoe) and it plans to commence mining and production in Q3 2006 at its existing processing plant in Sosnovoe. In 2007 it plans to start mining operating at its second Khalmeriu gold deposit, Vorgavozh. Construction of its second (500,000 t/a) processing plant at Vorgavozh will commence in 2006. In the South of Beriozov, it is developing a further gold project (Ust-Maninskii) and a large copper/zinc project (North-Sosvinskii). The Group is currently applying for several exploration licences adjacent to its Khalmeriu licences in order to increase its existing gold resource base.

After its planned IPO in 2006, the Company intends to expand on its existing activities by developing several additional perspective mineral resources along its section of the Pre-Polar Urals.



Founded in 2002 Advantix Ltd has become one of the UK’s fast growing and successfully developing Business Communications agencies working with emerging Eurasian Economies including Russia and CIS states.

In cooperation and in partnership with the World’s leading international organisations and firms, Advantix offers extensive business communications and business development services including:

  • Organisation of relationship marketing events
  • Corporate training
  • Media communications
  • Strategic marketing
  • Brand communications
  • Electronic publishing
  • Translation
  • Financial advisory and project development

Advantix is a co-founder of the Financial Laboratory at the London Stock Exchange (www.finlab.co.uk) and Minex – Mining & Exploration Forum (www.minexforum.com)



AMC Consultants is a leading mining consultancy focussed exclusively on the mining sector.

Our principal capabilities address two core elements - operations and evaluation.
Operation services include mining engineering, exploration, geology, resource estimation, geomechanics and mine optimisation. Evaluation services incorporate feasibility studies, expert reports and valuations.

AMC's clients include mining and exploration companies, corporate advisors, financial institutions and insurance companies.

We have worked with most of the world's largest mining companies and their financial supporters on projects in more than 72 countries.


Financial Laboratory (FinLab) at the London Stock Exchange is a joint project between London Stock Exchange and Advantix Ltd. FinLab project was launched in October 2004 in London. FinLab’s activities are primarily aimed at grooming Russian and CIS businesses which consider organising international listing in London – primarily admission to AIM market. Financial Laboratory does not limit itself to IPO themes only. Events and publications issued under FinLab’s project, cover much wider spectrum of topics including Practical aspects of corporate governance, Design of the board, Grooming Companies for International Capital and Investment Partnerships, Company Valuation prior and after IPO, Corporate Restructuring, M&A of Public Companies, Tax issues for London listings, Investor relations in the global and regional markets, Capital restructuring and pre-admission financing mechanisms, including venture, equity and debt financing, etc.



The Information-Publishing Center of the Russian Federation Ministry of Natural Resources

Mineral Resources of Russia
The official journal of the Russian Federation Ministry of Natural Resources.
Bilingual Russian/English publication.
Founded in 1991. Frequency of publication - 6 issues per year

The bulletin of Russian Petroleum and Mining
The official journal of the Russian Federation Ministry of Natural Resources.
Published in Russian

The journal “Oil & Gas geology”

A scientific and technical journal
Founded in 1957. Frequency of publication

Information on Investment Projects


The Association of Mining Analysts (AMA) is a non-profit organisation representing the broad mining community in the UK with a membership of over 300. Its remit is to organise presentations and seminars on mining companies and operational issues, with the aim of promoting better understanding of the industry and its activities. Its members are drawn from:

  • Specialist mining investment funds
  • Investment banks and stockbrokers
  • London Metal Exchange members
  • Technical consultancy firms
  • Academic community
  • Commodity research companies
  • Metals/mining associations
  • Mining press and public relations
  • The mining and metals industries

The Mining Advisory Council (the “Council”) is a non-commercial, non-profit, business promotion organization with international participation. In the beginning, the Council was officially incorporated under the initial name Russian Precious Metals Council Inc. in Canada on June 3, 1999. The main purpose of the Council is to provide a forum for all entities and individuals engaged or interested in the field of precious metals and precious stones and the mining industry of the Russian Federation.

The principal aims of the Council are:

  • Promotion of the development and introduction in the Russian Federation of legislation which meets internationally accepted standards for the mining industry, especially in the field of precious metals and precious stones;
  • Proactive lobbying in the legislative and executive governmental structures of the Russian Federation, coordinating appropriate presentation of the views and positions of the Council’s members in different Russian governing agencies, non-governmental organizations, business community, mass media, etc.;
  • Establishment of a comprehensive database of the Russian gold mining industry for monitoring trends of its development and prospects and identifying new opportunities for mutually beneficial cooperation with participation of foreign companies;
  • Facilitation of access of the Council’s members and international investors to specific Russian mining projects, ensuring a balanced update of potential investors, if requested, on existing opportunities of cooperation on such projects and on the overall situation in the field of precious metals and precious stones of Russia;
  • Participation in international workshops, meetings and other specialized events on subjects of common interest for the Council’s members, organizing field visits in the regions of the Russian Federation, etc.



Interfax Information Services Group provides news and other information products that are essential for decision-makers in politics and business.

Since early 1990s, Interfax has been the main provider of up-to-date news from Russia and countries of the former Soviet Union. We are the most frequently quoted source of  information on the region.

Over the past few years, Interfax has also become a leading provider of political and business news from China and emerging markets of Central Europe.

A network of about 30 companies operates under the Interfax brand all over Russia, the CIS, China and several Central European countries.

The Group publishes news in Russian, English, Ukrainian, Kazakh, and German and provides about 100 specialized services.



Mineweb is independent and original – the leading Internet site for news on mining and resources, news that owes nothing to vested interests. That independence is trusted, and that trust extends from news stories to the advertisements and sponsorships we carry.

If you want to be part of this and deliver a credible message contact Margaret Roestorf at margaret@mineweb.com


InfoMine provides comprehensive, fully searchable intelligence on the global mineral exploration and mining industries via regional, language focused websites known as InfoMine Editions – see http://editions.infomine.com. This information comprises current news, commentary, investment opinion, details of thousands of mining and mineral exploration companies, mineral properties, suppliers, consultants, specialists, equipment, careers, events, publications and professional development and training services.

InfoMine is a valuable resource for investors, geologists, engineers, financiers, managers, miners, prospectors, teachers, consultants and suppliers.




RusEnergyLaw LLC
A leading company providing legal information services for the energy, subsoil use, and environmental protection sectors.

Periodicals and Books

RusEnergyLaw LLC publishes books and periodicals in Russian and English in the field of energy law. A unique English-language publication “Russian/CIS Energy and Mining Law Journal” discusses acute aspects of legal regulation of the energy sector and protection of the environment. “RusEnergyLaw Journal” is an expression of the views and needs of a wide array of energy experts from Russia and abroad. It has been widely distributed and warmly received by specialists in energy and natural resources.

Legal Website

The Russian-language legal information portal “ÏðàâîÒÝÊ” provides up-to-date information on energy, subsoil use, and environmental issues.

Energy Law Conference

The annual international RusEnergyLaw/ÍåôòüÃàçÏðàâî conference on legal problems of the Russia/CIS Energy & Mining Sector includes discussion of such topics as Russian/CIS energy, natural resources, and environmental law.


"Russian Ìining" magazine is the only specialized research and industrial magazine in English on mining achievements in Russia and the CIS countries. It has been published since 2000, 6 times per year, its circulation amounts to 2500 copies worldwide. “ Russian Ì ining” magazine has subscribers in more than 45 countries. The “Russian Ì ining” magazine has got two websites: http://www.russian-mining.com (English) and http://www.gornoe-delo.ru (Russian). The magazine keeps its foreign readers informed on new projects, development and technologies in mining, mining machinery, concentration equipment, mineral resources and raw material market of Russia and the CIS countries. “ Russian Ì ining” magazine is distributed at all specialized mining exhibitions and conferences in Russia and abroad.


"MINING INDUSTRY (orig. GORNAYA PROMYSHLENNOST)" is a specialized research and industrial magazine keeping its reader up-to-date on the achievements and technologies in mining, mining machinery, concentration equipment, modern software, scientific developments, the mineral resources and raw material market, experience of investing into mining sector in CIS and abroad. The magazine has been published in Russian with English annotations since 1994, 6 issues are published annually, each issue contains 72 pages.

The magazine features articles written by domestic authors and articles prepared by editorial staff on the basis of materials presented by foreign mining magazines, Russian and foreign companies interested in informational exchange.

The magazine is distributed in Russia, CIS and other countries through Rospechat agency, subscription in editorial office, it is widely presented at Russian and International exhibitions, conferences and forums.


MINERAL Information and Research Centre is an autonomous department of the AEROGEOLOGIA Federal State Unitary Research Enterprise (FSURE) which operates under auspices of the Ministry of Natural Resources of the Russian Federation (MNR of Russia). The Centre was established in 1995 with the purpose of providing the Ministry, other executive bodies and legislative bodies of the Russian Federation with updated information on and analysis of developments in Russian and global mineral resources markets.

MINERAL specializes in gathering, processing and presenting information on the following issues:

  • reserves dynamics of mineral resources by deposit, by country, region, area, and the world as whole;
  • production and consumption dynamics of mineral raw materials;
  • world supply and demand, world trade and global market of mineral resources;
  • deposits of mineral resources and their geology and economics;
  • production and financials of mining and oil companies;
  • mining, production, transportation and refining facilities.

MINERAL’s research targets the management and analysts of exploration, mining, and mineral resources processing industries. Our analytical reports are aimed primarily at the top management of the industry, and we focus them on the national priorities of Russia.

MINERAL provides information and consulting services on a wide range of issues, mainly concerning prospecting and exploration, mining and production of mineral raw materials, refining and processing, and trade and consumption thereof, both in Russia and overseas.

MinerJob.ru – The First National Resource of the Minerals Industry.

The portal unites thousands of experts of the minerals industry throughout Russia and CIS and serves as communicatory platform for creating and developing business, friendship and co-operative relations.

The services of the Portal allow:
  • to get daily branch news
  • to be informed about profile conferences and exhibitions
  • to scan mining and metallurgical companies in the Catalogue, that includes the most complete and certainty information to date.
  • to sale or buy mining equipment and machinery
  • to find your class-mates
  • to find job in minerals industry. We get the most actual vacancies daily!
  • to place an application for recruiting the specialists of the minerals industry or to be at e-recruiting without our assistance – at Your service the largest CV database to date!
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